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Juan Manuel Marquez May Not Accept a 5th Manny Pacquiao Fight

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez fighting one more time would be great for boxing. The two are genuinely each other’s equals, and both have a claim to the idea that they are better than the other. Pacquiao has beaten Marquez twice; however, Marquez earned the more dominating and emphatic victory in his lone win. It stands to reason that a fifth showdown might settle the debate regarding who the superior fighter truly is.

Unfortunately, we may never get a fifth fight. While Pacquiao has made it abundantly clear that he wants to return to the ring at least one more time, Marquez is contemplating retirement. At 39 years old, you can’t really blame him for wanting to go out on top. Problem is, we don’t know if he actually wants to go out on top. By all accounts, he is at least somewhat interested in fighting again. It’s his wife who doesn’t want to see her husband fight again.

She said this much during a recent interview (via Boxing Scene).

"I've asked Juan to leave [boxing]. Yeah, [there are a lot of] offers to continue fighting, but all of the money in the world won't buy you another life, and no money in the world will buy you another brain. What I want is for him to retire and to devote his time to enjoying his family. When Juan fights I suffer enough. In this fight [with Pacquiao] it was no exception. I was very [upset] when I saw Pacquiao's wife crying, desperate to climb into the ring. She feared the worst. I saw what she felt and I reflected, and understood her suffering. I felt her anguish when I saw that Pacquiao did not move and did not get up.

"Since Juan came home after this victory I've said the same thing that I'm saying now, to stop boxing, and in my way of thinking there is no turning back. He could leave right now with [his senses intact] and in his glory. I know that is a difficult step [to walk away], but it's my opinion and I gave it."

Marquez, for his part, hasn’t made a final decision yet.

"When I make my decision, it will be final. I don't want to be someone who retires and then comes right back. I'm talking with my wife and trying to convince her [to let me fight once more].”

For what it’s worth: Pacquiao’s wife wants him to retire, too. In the end, these guys make their own choices regardless of what their families say. It will be interesting to see what Marquez ultimately decides to do.

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