Juan Manuel Marquez Acknowledges that Manny Pacquiao is His Only Option


Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez currently find themselves in a very interesting position. Both men have to fight one another because no other potential opponents make sense at this point, but admitting that indisputable fact means surrendering negotiating power.

Pacquiao, for his part, doesn’t care. He knows that he got embarrassed with the whole world watching last December, and he wants a rematch. It doesn’t seem to matter to him all that much whether he can or can’t shake a few extra pennies out of a fifth fight against his rival for himself.

Marquez, conversely, does care. He only got $6 million for his participation in the last bout – Pacquiao got $23 million. He wants more money, and he knows it’s out there for him so long as he doesn’t just accept any ol’ terms. That is why, shortly after last December’s, match, he made it seem as though he wasn’t interested in a fifth fight against Pacquiao. It was all a way to leverage power in negotiations.

During a recent interview, though, his promoter admitted that in reality Marquez’s options were very slim right now.

"I believe he deserves [at least $10 million or more]. We have to make a decision by April [on his next fight] and then we'll make the announcement on who he will fight in September. However, putting Marquez and Pacquiao together is the only combination that produces an attractive financial figure for Juan Manuel," Fernando Beltran told Boxing Scene.

For his part, Bob Arum seems to be intent on striking a fair deal. A fair deal for everyone. Speaking with PhilBoxing.com recently, the Top Rank Boss said that he is working on ‘compensation’ for Pacquiao-Marquez V right now. When pressed on whether he had a backup plan, the 81-year-old replied: “I don’t make alternate plans. I’m confident both will agree to fight each other.”

Bold. And also pretty understandable given the limited options Pacquiao and Marquez have if they opt not to fight one another.


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