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Jovan Belcher Kissed Kasandra Perkins on the Forehead After Killing Her

The details pertaining to murder-suicides are never easy to swallow. They’re gruesome. They’re saddening. And they inevitably make people wonder what could have been done to prevent the incident from occuring.

Saturday’s tragedy is no exception.

According to the Kansas City Star, Jovan Belcher at least partially understood the magnitude of what he had done as soon as he shot Kasandra Perkins. Just seconds after pulling the trigger, Belcher knelt down in the pair’s master bedroom and kissed her on the forehead. As his mother rushed in from the kitchen (having heard the gunfire), she saw him remorsefully apologizing and saying goodbye to his longtime girlfriend.

Once was done with Perkins, Belcher apologized to his mother, kissed his daughter and then hopped into his Bentley – heading straight to the Chiefs’ training facility. Per The Star, it was the only place he felt safe; it also ended up being where the 25-year-old took his own life, despite pleas from team general manager Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel.

Team officials apparently knew of domestic problems between Belcher and Perkins, and they were “bending over backward” to help the pair out. Obviously it was to no avail.

The Star painted a frighteningly vivid picture of Belcher’s final moments:

“Belcher knelt behind a vehicle and made the sign of the cross across his chest before firing a single bullet into his head.”

Details regarding this incident will continue to trickle in. The specifics of why Belcher was so mentally fragile, the particulars of why his relationship with Perkins was so complex, etc. But none of it will change the end result. An innocent young woman is dead. A baby girl is orphaned. And, for right now at least, we are no closer to knowing how to prevent these sort of crimes from happening in the future than we were this time last week.

(Kudos Kansas City Star)

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