Josh McDaniels Making an AFC West Return?

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Things with the Kansas City Chiefs… they’re not good. They’ve lost their two best players in Eric Berry and Jamaal Charles for the season, their quarterback is the worst-rated starting quarterback in the league (now that Luke McCown has been benched in Jacksonville), and they were soundly beaten by two losing teams in 2010 by a combined 79 points. Like I said, not good.

The early season mess has only worsened the tenuous relationship between Chiefs coach Todd Haley and GM Scott Pioli, reports Yahoo!’s Michael Silver. Many in NFL circles don’t think Haley will survive the season.

But we’re guessing not many in those circles thought former Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels would get another chance to coach within ten years of his debacle in Denver.  Silver does. He writes –

I believe that if Pioli fires Haley, he’ll try to hire his old New England colleague Josh McDaniels, he of the disastrous tenure as Broncos head coach that included dubious personnel moves too numerous to mention, a cheating scandal and five victories in his final 22 games. When McDaniels, currently the Rams’ offensive coordinator, becomes K.C.’s next head coach, count on two things: I’ll remind you that you heard it here first and you’re going to be treated to a real diatribe.

The thought of facing Josh McDaniels twice a season and blowing that hoodie off his head is almost too enticing to express into words. Do it, Kansas City. Last Broncos fan to run fist-pumping down the sidelines is a rotten egg.

(H/T Shutdown Corner)


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