Josh Koscheck vs. Nick Diaz: Will this Fight Ever Happen?


Since the first season of The Ultimate Fighter when we first laid eyes on him, UFC welterweight Josh Koscheck has been viewed as the perennial bad boy. Love him or hate him, Koscheck always says what's on his mind. When he came on as a guest of MMA Fight Corner Tuesday night, "Kos" spoke about his latest move to Dethrone Fresno, possibly fighting Nick Diaz and when he'll get back in the Octagon.

The last time we saw Koscheck fight, it was May at UFC on FOX 3. He lost via split decision to Johny Hendricks. Some viewed the decision as controversial. Koscheck didn't really comment on the decision when asked his opinion of the fight. "This is probably a rated G station huh?" he joked. "It is what it is, I don't really dwell on that stuff too bad."

Following the loss, Koscheck was expected to make a return at UFC 151 in September to fight Jake Ellenberger. But, Kos suffered from a back injury and had to withdraw. He updated us on the injury and said he's recovered.

"I got a couple of cortisone shots. It took about two to three weeks for those to kick in and once they kicked in, it got the swelling down and I feel pretty good now," Koscheck explained.

Koscheck created a stir on Twitter recently when he accepted a challenge to fight Nick Diaz. Though no fight can happen until Diaz's suspension is up in February 2013, the tweet was merely a response to a proposal put out to Koscheck by Diaz's manager Cesar Gracie. Koscheck made sure to note, he ain't scared.

"I think the Diaz fight will eventually happen," Koscheck said. "It's just a matter of his suspension being over and the cards falling into place. So, I think it'll happen. You know, I'll fight anyone, I've never been one to shy away from fighting somebody. Give me the opportunity, I'll fight anybody in the weight class."

So will there be a contract inked for this fight once Diaz is re-licensed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission?

"Well, I mean [expletive], his coach is the one that's calling me out, saying that they want to fight me. So, I just said 'Yeah I'm down'. You know, don't be scared. Yeah, I'll fight him," Koscheck added. "I think he's a good fighter, but he has hard time with wrestlers and he has a hard time with guys that come in and fight."

Since his departure from American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, CA, Koscheck is now training out of Dethrone Fresno, a gym that he and Jason Kraft started up. Koscheck said making the move to his new home base in Fresno, and leaving AKA, isn't something he regrets.

This year, Nuvo TV put out a reality series called "Fight Factory" that followed AKA's team. Josh Koscheck was a part of the series and was glad that fans were able to see what went down between him and head coach, Javier Mendez. In short, the split was not amicable and the bridges have been burnt. At one point in the ugly split, Koscheck even said that he hoped AKA burned to the ground.

In addition, Koscheck said there is no turning back or reconciling with Mendez. "I think people got to see a little bit of that, why I left San Jose over there. It came out good. I think Javier Mendez is a snake and now I think everybody else can see what I was dealing with over all those years," Josh said.

Now that he's got a fresh start for himself in Fresno and is back to full health, Koscheck wants to book a fight as soon as possible. "I've been trying to beg the UFC to let me fight. I know they get some people that get injured, so I'm ready to go within a couple days notice. Hopefully that'll be the case, if somebody, God forbid, somebody gets hurt, I'll be the guy right there ready to step up and fight."

No matter who's next, Koscheck said he still has no desire to fight any of his old AKA teammates. "The problem's always been with one person, Javier Mendez. And you guys got to see that play out on the show. Those guys are still my boys…I respect all those guys. They're my friends," Koscheck stated.

With a record of 21 fights for the UFC since 2005, Koscheck knows he's had a great career. But, to this day, he remains driven to go after the title. "I'm pretty fortunate. It's because of one reason, I've put myself around good people and I was willing to go out there and work for something. I may not be the champion, yet in my career, but the plan is to become the champion. I think that that's my goal and that's always been my goal in the sport."

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