Josh Koscheck Still Hates Javier Mendez, Apparently

Josh Koscheck left American Kickboxing Academy earlier this year to train in his own gym. However, that hasn't stopped "Kos" from continuing to fuel the fire between himself and AKA trainer/coach Javier Mendez.

In previous interviews, Koscheck has stated that he left AKA mostly because of Mendez and their relationship. Mendez has kept quiet for the most part, leaving the subject in the past.

With Fight Factory being aired right now, Koscheck has seemed to pick back up on the verbal assaults. The show follows AKA and their fighters, providing scenes that go on at the gym.

Little birdie recently told me Jav was sleeping in his office 3 days ago & missed practice. I leave AKA & ppl r still callin me complaining

After watching fight factory people will realize who the head coach is at aka and who the fighters "rely" on. His name is BOB COOK!!

Koscheck has said before that he hopes AKA burns down and that Mendez is inside the building when it does. The former UFC welterweight contender does still have a close relationship with the fighters from the gym, including Jon Fitch.

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