Josh Koscheck on Relationship with American Kickboxing Academy: "If it Burns Down, I'm Cool"

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Josh Koscheck (17-6) has made it clear that his ties with the American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) are "burnt" because of head trainer Javier Mendez.

Fight Hub TV posted a video where Koscheck talks with his training partner Jon Fitch about his unhappiness with Mendez.

"The bridge over in San Jose is pretty much burnt. It's nothing to do with anybody over there except for one person and we know that's Javier," said Koscheck. "I just wasn't happy and it wasn't the place for me anymore. I hope the gym burns to the ground. Hopefully nobody's in it, but one person. If it burns down I'm cool and we'll be good."

Koscheck leaving AKA marks the end of an eight year commitment the two had.

"I'm done with this guy," said Koscheck. "Does he not know how much I've done for him and his gyms? Fighting for eight years under that name and not once did he ever thank me for fighting under the gym. He never really cared about going to your fights until you were on TV. He never truly cared about coming to my fights, until I was fighting the big fights because he wanted to build his own name off of us. Too much fame, too much TV [makes] people change. I can say truly Fitch, I have been the same from day one. I say what I feel and if you don't like it tough sh*t. He changed."

Koscheck now fights for Dethrone Base Camp Fresno in Fresno, California and is happy with the light commute that it brings.

"It's a new beginning to my life and I feel my career may have gotten a little bit longer," said Koscheck.

Koscheck's next fight is set for September 1, at UFC 151 against Jake Ellenberger (27-6).

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