Josh Koscheck Explains Why He Parted Ways with AKA

In an exclusive interview with MMAWeekly, Josh Koscheck has revealed the reason for his decision to train at his own gym in Fresno and not the American Kickboxing Academy gym in San Jose anymore. The root of the problems led back to AKA founder, Javier Mendez, according to Koscheck.

"There's one reason I'm leaving San Jose AKA and that's because of Javier Mendez," said Koscheck, who defeated Mike Pierce this past Saturday at UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit. "He's the only reason I'm leaving that gym."

Koscheck went on to say he started noticing in post-fight interviews that when AKA fighters lost, Mendez always stated that they didn't listen to the game plan. For Koscheck, this started back in 2008 when he lost to Thiago Alves.

"(After the Alves fight) I had a lot of friends come up to me and calling me saying, 'have you read this interview with Javier Mendez?' and talking about me and my game plan," Koscheck said. "So I went online and I read this interview and I started to notice after all my teammates lost, it was the same thing; they didn't listen to the game plan, that he deferred it away from himself, and he threw us under the bus."

As far as a future Koscheck-Jon Fitch fight, "Kos" said, "that ain't ever going to happen." Koscheck added that he will still train with the fighters at AKA San Jose, but will not do so in that gym.

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