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Josh Hamilton Rumors: Red Sox, Brewers, Rangers, Yankees, Mariners All Possibilities

It seems like every year baseball teams are faced with the same exact question: should you give an inordinate amount of money to an aging “superstar” even though history shows that doing so rarely pays off? Inevitably, at least one ballclub decides yes.

This year, the high-profile superstar that everyone is clamoring over is Josh Hamilton. According to multiple reports, the 31-year-old is seeking a contract in the seven-year, $175 million range. Some would argue that his 161 homers and 553 RBIs over the past five years entitles him to that sort of deal; others would point to the litany of off-the-field concerns that come standard with Hamilton and note that he probably isn’t worth that sort of sizable, long-term contract.

Either way, regardless of what concerns some (read: I) have about Hamilton, there are at least several teams who are entertaining the idea of bringing him on board. Here is the latest as far as those teams go:

Red Sox

According to major league sources, the Red Sox are among 'four or five' teams interested in free agent Josh Hamilton, but only on a short-term contract. One source suggests teams are waiting to see if there is anybody willing to go as many as four years on the outfielder. [WEEI]


Word around here (Nashville) at the #WinterMeetings is that the #Rangers very much in on Hamilton AND Greinke.

— Dan Plesac (@Plesac19) December 4, 2012


Not sure what's going on with josh Hamilton, word is the #Brewers may now b entering the mix.... Interesting, he would b a huge addition.

— Dan Plesac (@Plesac19) December 4, 2012


ESPN's and XM's Jim Bowden really feels like the Yankees may still sign Josh Hamilton. Brian Cashman is once again doing his laying in the weeds thing, before he possibly strikes, Bowden believes. [ESPN]


The Mariners still might exercise such restraint with Hamilton, but they’re at least exploring the possibility of signing him. [FOX Sports]

Stay tuned, it’s all but a lock that at least one surprise team will pop up and enter the fray before this thing wraps up.

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