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Josh Brent Gets Released on $500K Bond, Says Jerry Brown was His Best Friend

By now you’ve seen the video of Josh Brent’s release from jail with a barefooted Brent walking slowly out of his detention in Irving, TX. Brent’s release came upon the condition of a $500,000 bond about an hour after the grieving Cowboys’ emotional 20-19 victory over the Bengals.

Brent didn’t have much to say other than a brief response to reporters questions about if he had anything to say to Jerry Brown’s family. “Jerry Brown was my very best friend and I’m just trying to deal with his death right now,” he replied.

Jerry Brown, Jr.’s body has already been returned to his hometown of St. Louis and Brown’s fiancées’ grandmother, Cora Daniel, stated funeral arraignments are pending and that he will most likely be buried in St. Louis area. Brown’s mother, Stacey Jackson of Champaign, Ill., confirmed Brown’s final Facebook post from Nov. 29, in which he wrote that he was expecting a child and “how the fast life isn’t as fun as it use to be after living it for so long.” “She will be here in two more months,” Jackson said of Brown’s baby daughter. “She is going to be well loved. I have scrapbooks and everything to show her what type of father she had.”

It’s an understatement to say that Brent screwed up, but what does he do now? Does he go to the funeral? Would that be selfish? Can you imagine the media spectacle surrounding him if he shows up in St. Louis? Would he ‘steal the show’ and take away from the gathering intended to focus on the appreciation of Brown’s life, his memory and grieving of the young father to be? On the other hand, Brent is directly or indirectly responsible for killing the man depending on how you look at it. Would it be disrespectful for him not to go and pay his respects?

A source in the Cowboys camp close to the situation says that at this point, the 6-foot-5-inch, 320-pound nose guard does in fact plan to attend his best friends funeral. The source further tells me that both Cowboys management his teammates support his decision.

As you probably know by now I have an opinion on just about everything. On this issue however, I honestly can’t tell you what I think the right thing to do is. Frankly, I’m simply not smart enough to figure it out. Conventional wisdom would say to ask Brown’s family if he’s welcome but I’m not even certain that throwing this in their lap is the thing to do…

Brent is in a no win situation here because no matter which way he plays this there will be those who say it was the wrong thing to do and that he added insult to injury. If he goes they will say he was selfish and if he doesn’t they will say that he was disrespectful. No matter what happens, it will not be a good day to be Josh Brent and it will be a worse day to be Jerry Brown, his family and unborn child…

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