Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar: Complete Fight Highlights

The first legitimate UFC super fight in recent memory took place on Saturday night, and it pitted featherweight champ Jose Aldo against former lightweight hero Frankie Edgar. As is usually the case when the latter fighter takes to the octagon, the match didn’t end without controversy.

Heading into UFC 156, the big question everyone had was how Edgar’s weight cut would impact him. His biggest advantage at lightweight was always his speed; that advantage would be neutralized at a lower weight class. At the same time, Edgar’s biggest disadvantage was always size; that too, in theory, would be canceled out at a lower weight class.

When it was all said and done, having his speed advantage removed ultimately proved to be Edgar’s undoing on Saturday night. While debates will undoubtedly rage regarding who won the third round (Aldo won 1 and 2, Edgar won 4 and 5), there is no denying that the reigning champ did far more damage throughout the match than the challenger. That alone should earn him a decision victory.

After the fight, Aldo basically said what everyone sitting at home was thinking: what Edgar gains by moving down in weight (fighting people his own size) doesn’t match up to what he loses (quickness advantage).

Check out the highlights from this one in the video below.


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