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Jose Aldo Dominates Urijah Faber in WEC Pay-Per-View Match

In what was one of the most hyped World Extreme Cagefighting matches in history, Joe Aldo took advantage of Urijah Faber and defeated him by unanimous decision in the first ever pay-per-view championship bout in the World Extreme Cagefighting.

It was the leg kicks that damaged Faber, as Aldo methodically executed his game-plan throughout the course of the fight.  Aldo repeatedly landed devastating leg kicks to the body of the featherweight legend, en route to the victory.

“I trained a lot of defense [for] those leg kicks, but he was very effective with them,” Faber said in a post-fight interview. “He really took away my legs, and it was impossible to get something going when he was attacking like that.”

Aldo entered the bout on a 10-fight win streak, to which he proved why he was the champion of the division, despite the fact that Faber had dominated for so long.

“Every time I would try to kick, he would switch his base and I was aware of that,” Aldo said after the fight. “So I didn’t want to go outside of my limits and get caught in something. … He has a very strong right cross and I wanted to pay attention to that. I just was waiting for the right time to try to finish.”

Faber believed that he had the advantage in the ground game, as one of the best wrestlers in the WEC, but was unable to take advantage of the opportunities given to him when the fight did get to the ground.

Aldo was able to control both the tempo and route that the match took, gearing it towards his skill-set as a fighter.

“I trained to defend those leg kicks … but it was impossible to get something going when he’s attacking like that,” Faber said after the bout.

Aldo said that he wanted to remain in control and focus on what he could control within the fight.

“I didn’t want to go outside of my limits and do something I couldn’t because he has a very strong right cross and I didn’t want to get caught by that,” Aldo said after the match up.

The result was a unanimous decision in favor of Aldo, who won 50-45, 49-45, 49-45.

“I had limited mobility,” Faber remarked in a post-fight interview. “He’s very good and very fast. It was a tough fight and I tried my best.”

Aldo was very gracious in his victory, knowing that Faber is an icon in the sport.

“I’m always careful when I go in the ring, but what happened was that Urijah was doing a great job of covering things up and the only strike we kept landing was the leg kick, so I kept going for it hoping that he would open up,” he said after the fight.

“But everytime I went in there to do something else, he was covering himself up very well. You have to take your hats off to Urijah Faber. He came in with a very good strategy and that was to protect himself.”

“I really like Sacramento.This is where I made my debut and this is like a home away from home. I hope they will adopt me as one of their stars too.”

Online Sportsbooks
had Aldo as the betting favorite to defeat Faber, which he capitalized on.


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