Jorge Masvidal is Annoyed with Strikeforce

Jorge Masvidal (23-7) is ready for another fight under the Strikeforce banner, but the company just doesn't have a slot for him on any of their remaining shows this year.

"I'm healthy and ready to go and they just don't want to put me on the card," said Masvidal on MMA Weekly Radio. "I don't think it's anything personal against me, I just think Showtime doesn't have enough shows to provide for the fighters they have under contract. Sean Shelby's been helping me out as much as he can to get me on the cards, but I just don't think they have enough shows on Showtime."

Two Strikeforce shows remain listed for the 2012 calendar year. They are scheduled for September 29 and November 3.

"It's the worst thing in the f*cking world," said Masvidal. "I'm dead serious; I'm about to go fight in the back and make some money. I've got two little beautiful girls I've got to look after. I'm a single parent, and f*cking need to get money; I need to get paid."

Masvidal last fought in July of this year for Strikeforce, earning the win. He is 3-1 since joining the company in March 2011.

As he waits to see what the future holds, Masvidal continues to train in hope the company needs a last minute replacement.

"I'm going to start training now for November just in case something happens and they need a 155-pounder or 170-pounder," said Masvidal. "I might even make myself available for 185 if they need me and they take care of me. I'll go up to 185 and kick somebody's a**."

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