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Jorge Arce vs. Jesus Rojas Round-by-Round Recap, Review

By Max Parker

Arce vs. Rojas is about to begin. They are making their way to the ring. 

They're in. Jesus Rojas is 18-1-1 with 13 KOs, while Jorge Arce is 60-6-2 with 46 KOs.

Here we go.

Round 1
The square off in the center. Rojas starts the action early. Arce catches him with a big right hand and Rojas goes down. He makes it up, but it was a big punch. Arce has him against the ropes. Rojas has to fight out. Rojas has his legs under him, and he's throwing bombs. Both fighters are throwing bombs. Rojas is landing the bigger punches now. Arce lands a right hand of his own. Arce is throwing a lot too. Arce clinches. Rojas lands two big punches up top. Arce comes back with a right hook. Rojas is landing huge power puches to close the round. Wow, what a round.

Parker: 9-9 

Round 2:
Rojas opens the round with a low blow, then several punches that follow. Arce gets time to recover, but he's still taking a knee on the canvas. He looks hurt. Arce cannot continue. It's being called. It's a no contest.

The fight is ruled a no-contest. 

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