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Jonathan Montanez Gives Basketball to Opponent's Disabled Player Mitchell Marcus for his First Basket (Video)

It was like a scene from the film 'Rudy,' except it was on a basketball court (video below).

Mitchell Marcus (pictured), the basketball team manager for Coronado High School in El Paso, Texas, is developmentally disabled. 

He loves the game, but isn't able to play competitively.

However, Coronado High School basketball coach Peter Morales decided to put Marcus in a game against Franklin High School.

His teammates wanted to give Mitchell a chance to sink a basket, but after several tries, Mitchell was unsuccessful.

When Franklin High School gained possession of the ball, one of their players, Jonathan Montanez, intentionally passed the ball to Mitchell for one more shot, who made his first basket.

“I was raised to treat others how you want to be treated,” Montanez told CBS News. ”I just though Mitchell deserved his chance, deserved his opportunity.”



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