Jon Jones' Whole Family is Hardcore

Jon Jones (16-1) can see his oldest brother becoming heavyweight champion alongside him. Arthur Jones currently plays for the NFL as a defensive end for the Ravens, where he weighs 310 pounds.

"The dedication that it would take for him to get down to the 265 heavyweight limit," said Jon to Sports Illustrated. "I think it would transform him mentally into the warrior he needs to be to compete at a high level. And he would be faster than ever and mentally a stronger person. I think he would make a great contender, if not champion, in the UFC."

Jon said Arthur's current life is to stay focused on just football.

As for his youngest brother Chandler, he doesn't feel the same way.

"Chandler's not a fighter, other than when we play slap boxing games in our mom's and dad's backyard," said Jon.

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