Jon Jones Thinks He Could Do Well Against Floyd Mayweather (Audio)

Jon Jones is without question the best fighter in MMA today. People can obviously make a reasonable case for Anderson Silva, however, his susceptibility to getting taken down by good wrestlers at this stage in the game can’t be ignored. And while Jones has yet to prove that he has the one punch/kick knockout power of the GOAT, he’s done enough up to this point to solidify his place as the sport’s current king.

Recently, Jones sat down with Power 105.1 to discuss his recovery from that brutal broken toe, the Chael Sonnen fight and more. Somehow, conversation turned to how he would fare against Floyd Mayweather Jr. That’s when things got interesting.

“It would probably be a pretty competitive match,” Jones said, per Larry Brown Sports.

However, Jones was also quick to acknowledge that because boxing is so restrictive compared to MMA, his opponent wouldn’t be able to fight on an equal plane.

“Fighting Floyd Mayweather wouldn’t even be right. Nobody would want to see that.”

It’s hard to even discuss this proposed fight just because of the massive size disparity. Forget weight (even though you actually can’t forget weight), the reach difference alone make this an unrealistic conversation. Mayweather would never be able to get close to Jones.

That being said, it’s starting to feel like a fight between a big name mixed martial artist and a big name boxer is inevitable. Not a showdown between washed up guys who don’t bring anything to the table besides their names – a legitimate fight between equals. The smart money says it’ll happen sooner rather than later.

Source: Larry Brown Sports


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