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Jon Jones, Rashad Evans Come to an Interesting Agreement

You don't have to listen to UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones speak for long to realize that he's an idealistic fighter with great dreams regarding his impact on mixed martial arts.

And no wonder: becoming the champion at such a young age (Bones is 24-years-old, already with two title defenses over former champions to his credit), doing it in the fashion that Jones did and holding onto the title the way that he has all indicate that Jones is a special athlete who could very well take the sport to another level.

It's certainly how he feels.

"I just have really strong conviction. I think conviction is stronger than belief and I'm convinced that it's my time, just to be here and to be champion for years to come," said Jones. "When you believe, there's no reason to really speak about it."

Jones' chief rival Rashad Evans, who'll face Bones for the belt next month, is less dazed by his former training partner's rising star.

"See that's one thing that Jon doesn't understand: there's no such thing as time. There's just what is. There's been so many people like him, that's always been the one. But that's the secret: there is no one," Evans asserted. "Anybody can lose, any given day and he's gonna find that out."

But, there is one thing these two can agree on: their fight -- which is a long time coming -- won't be seeing the judges.

"This fight won't go five rounds," said Evans.

"Mark his words," Jones followed.

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