Jon Jones is Open to Fighting Anderson Silva


UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones appears to be shifting towards a possible super-fight with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. After initially saying he would never face "The Spider," Jones revealed a change of heart over the weekend while speaking with members of the media in Seattle.

"Everything is a possibility," Jones said. "I can't count too much out. We were all put on this earth to think big. Fighting Anderson would definitely be a testament to my faith, my warrior spirit; who knows what will happen in the future."

Jones and Silva struck up an immediate relationship, and Jones even made a joke asking if everyone thought their friendship had fallen apart.

"I think super fights are important for the sport," Jones said. "They are important for legacies. Do I have a desire to compete in one? I don't have it (right now). Unless someone comes and challenges me, I'm fine (at light heavyweight)."

Currently, the hot super-fight is Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre, but it was recently revealed that GSP prefers to face Nick Diaz before moving into any bout with Silva.

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