Jon Jones Not Happy with His UFC 152 Performance

After a surviving a first-round scare, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones imposed his will in defeating Vitor Belfort Saturday night at UFC 152: Jones vs. Belfort. With the win, "Bones" earned his fourth successful title defense, one away from matching the UFC record.

Belfort, however, put quite the scare into Jones early, securing a deep armbar that left the champion holding his long right arm in the post-fight interview. Initial reports from Jones made it sound like the arm was not broken, but there could be nerve damage.

"I thought my top game was terrible," said Jones, during an interview with Fuel TV. "Outside of that, I was pretty happy with everything else. I need to work on my boxing in the pocket, and my top game in jiu-jitsu, but other than that I can't complain. Vitor is a tough, tough guy."

Jones had to deal with plenty of non-Octagon related issues through the week, as he fielded more questions concerning the UFC 151 cancellation than Belfort. Jones also met with UFC president Dana White for the first time since the incident on Friday, but believes the two are now closer than ever.

"I think me and Dana are forever going to be a lot closer. We got to talk to each other on a level of grown men, not boss or athlete," Jones said. "It was more about two adults talking like adults. I got to express to him how I felt about what he said. He put me in his shoes and where he was at as the president of an organization. Neither one of us was necessarily apologetic, but we came to an agreement and to an understanding. I think we left with mutual respect for each other."

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