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Jon Jones Gets Serious About Fan Perception of Him

Despite his stated intentions to "change our sport with something positive, to brighten up people's lives and get them to look more on the positive side about every little thing," UFC light heavyweight champion Jonny "Bones" Jones is regarded by many fans as being arrogant and disingenuous.

Though he thwarts robberies pre-fight and does his best to remain altruistic despite being swept up by a massive wave of hype, Jones just hasn't been able to break through to a considerable sector of MMA fans. Those fans -- no matter how much they may appreciate Jones' impressive skills inside the cage -- can't find a way to connect with the champion outside of it.

Speaking with Men's Journal recently, Jones discussed what it's like to be trying his best and still coming up short in the eyes of some fans.

"My road wasn't easy, by any means," said Jones. "That's why when people call me cocky, it's, like, the biggest blow I can get. It's like, 'It's not me! I'm sorry I'm coming across that way.' I don't think I'm better than ­anyone.

But, when it comes right down to it, Jones knows that no matter what he does, he won't be able to make everyone happy. So, he intends to keep right on shining whether you're on board or not.

"I don't hear them, to tell you the truth," Jones said of his critics. "I can't please everyone. Some people are going to love you, and some are going to hate you, no matter what you do."

Bones is due in the cage next opposite his former teammate-turned-rival Rashad Evans, with the two scheduled to do battle on April 21 in the main event of UFC 145.

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