Packers Johnny Jolly Arrested…again


In 2008, the Green Bay Packers suspended defensive tackle Johnny Jolly when he was arrested for possession of codeine, which is used to make “purple drank,” “sizzurp” or “lean.” It’s all the same crap, just different names.

Last year, he entered a pre-trial diversion program to help him avoid jail time, and he was suspended from the NFL for all of 2010. He had a year of probation in which those charges would have been dropped if he kept his nose clean for a year.

And that might have been the longest year of his life. Ain’t happening. CBS Houston reports that Jolly was arrested early Friday morning when he was caught with 600 grams of codeine in his car. 600 grams. Wow. They also found another substance, which is being sent out for testing.

Photo Caption:Jolly hears rumors that he’ll be bunking with Plaxico Burress.

This is a felony and there is a good chance this will keep the old charges alive and strong. Don’t look for Jolly to be on an opening day roster in 2011. Or 2012. Or ever.


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