NBA: Wizards Go Down vs. Celtics Without Wall


The Washington Wizards took on the Boston Celtics tonight at TD Garden and were without their rookie guard for the second straight night due to a sprained left foot. John Wall’s absence was sorely felt as the Wizards struggled the entire night, losing 114-83.

Aside from shooting a miserable 38.8 percent from the floor, the team only managed 12 assists compared to Boston’s 32. Prior to tonight’s game the Wizards had averaged at least 25 assists in five straight games.

In addition to not sharing the ball, the Wizards only had two fast break points on the night. When you play a team like the Celtics who are a good defensively and have big bodies down low that clog the lane, you don’t stand a chance if you don’t get out and run. With Wall out of the lineup the speed and offensive flow was simply nonexistent.

Hopefully Wall can get his foot issue in check and get back to his impressive play thus far because Blake Griffin is slowly taking the lead in the Rookie of the Year race.


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