ESPN's Colin Cowherd Rant on John Wall Racist?


John Wall’s introduction was a feel good moment for Wall, Washington Wizards’ fans, and anyone who enjoys athletes with personality. For Colin Cowherd, it was disgusting and idiotic.

By Cowherd’s own admission the introduction took all of 37 seconds. Apparently Cowherd felt so strongly as to compare Wall a bank robber. The ESPN personality said that robbing the bank wasn’t the whole story, but rather the planning of it that showed he wasn’t thinking.

The point doesn’t seem that crazy, and probably doesn’t mean much, but how it was said is the bigger deal. The reaction to the words used and language Cowherd chose led some to call it ridiculous, and others racist. The ridiculous being Cowherd thinking John Wall’s name is J-Wow and calling the dance the “doggy.” The racist, being essentially the rest of his rant.

“J-Wow’s 37 second, Yo dog look at me, I’m the man. And his wild out of control style. Everybody else is buying his stock, and it told me all I needed to know. He’s going to end up on the Iverson, Francis, Starbury, great stats, nine all-star teams, but never play with good smart players and an elite head coach. He’s gonna drive people nuts.”

Throughout the three minute rant he states that Rondo, Isiah Thomas, Jason Kidd, John Stockton, and other great point guards wouldn’t have done the same thing. Rondo was the example he kept returning to. He went to great lengths to state that Rondo had a more impressive stat line the same night, 17 assists and no turnovers, and that he wouldn’t have done it.

Calling Rondo the better point guard isn’t insulting, hell we said that Jameer Nelson might be better than Wall right now. What is insulting is that Cowherd was so offended by a pregame dance introduction, that he felt the need to spend anytime addressing it. Even more insulting is that Cowherd decided to attack Wall’s character, not just his game. By all accounts John Wall is incredibly humble, a great leader, and a current and future superstar in the league.

We feel bad that Cowherd can’t take entertainment at face value, but we’ll definitely be clapping the next time Wall, or any other rookie, decides to dance pregame to get his team and fans involved.


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