John Lucas III Not a Fan of LeBron James' Flopping


LeBron James has done some questionable things so far during the Miami Heat-New York Knicks series.

What's really been standing out is the "flopping," which was very noticeable during Game One in Miami's 100-67 blowout victory.

He flopped a couple of times for practice before he took it to the max when he made this late overreaction to Tyson Chandler's hard screen.

Chicago Bulls point guard John Lucas III doesn't really dig LeBron's flopping, saying it's uncool:

On April 19, James and Lucas got into an on-court shoving match after James blindsided and then flattened Lucas with a pick in the backcourt. Both players were hit with technicals.

Lucas felt the play was dirty and now thinks it’s ironic. In an interview on the Waddle & Silvy Show on ESPN Radio in Chicago, Lucas implied James was a bit of hypocrite for exaggerating contact on a similar play in Game 1 against the New York Knicks last week.

“I thought he threw his left shoulder into me a little bit, and then I look up and Tyson Chandler set a clean screen on him, and he took it like he just got shot and all that,” Lucas said. “I mean, you gotta get back up all that like your neck was hurt and stuff, that wasn’t cool.”

You can definitely see where Lucas III is coming from when calling James a hypocrite.

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