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Is John Farrell a Good Fit for the Boston Red Sox?

Could it be? The Red Sox might actually get their No. 1 choice for manager?

According to this report, the Sox and Blue Jays are negotiating basically as we speak for the rights to Farrell. You don’t usually see a manager get traded, but that’s essentially what we’re looking at here, as Farrell still has one year left on his contract.

Of course, since the Red Sox can’t do anything normally, they’re not novices in this field. They basically traded Theo Epstein to the Cubs last year for a middle of the road prospect named Chris Carpenter. So here’s to hoping the Sox don’t botch this thing like they botched that one.

I can see it now – the Red Sox give up Jackie Bradley Jr. , Clay Buchholz or Rubby De La Rosa for a manager who has two years experience and a career record of 154-170. Christ, the Blue Jays are probably going to fire him anyway…is it really necessary to overpay for a guy who we could get on the street in a few weeks? We’ll see.

I’m all in favor of Farrell, in general, but not if it comes at the expense of one of the top prospects in the system. The Sox can find a manager who can control their weird ego problem and not be Bobby Valentine. At the end of the day, that’s the most important thing. Well, that and making sure that Ben Cherington actually picks the manager this time rather then Larry Lucchino.

Plus, if the Sox do get Farrell, we get to make a bunch of Farrell-John Wayne comparisons throughout the season, so that’s certainly good news. Look at that grin – he’s built for Westerns. The whole “cowboy up” thing has worked in the past.

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