John Abraham to Seattle Seahawks?


It appears as though the Seattle Seahawks just might have found the player to help fix their dreadful pass rush. Well, maybe I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself here, but it’s certainly looking good. Recently released veteran pass rusher John Abraham is scheduled to visit the Seattle Seahawks sometime this week.

If you’re scratching your head right now trying to wrap your head around his negotiating with the Seahawks before free agency starts on March 12, can’t blame you. That being said, due to the fact that Abraham was released by the Falcons he can sign whenever he’s good and ready to wherever he so chooses. Much to the delight of the Seahawks faithful.

If Abraham signs with Seattle, there is reason for both sides to be excited. Depending on the price tag, the balance of benefit could teeter slightly. But now I’m just splitting hairs...

For the Seahawks, this move would help the team cope with the loss of Chris Clemons who just had reconstructive surgery on his knee to repair a torn ACL. There is no telling how long Clemons will be out for, and Abraham who may be a little longer in the tooth, will be able to fill in if he isn’t ready at the beginning of next season. It will also mean there is little need for Clemons to rush back from his injury, and that the Seahawks pass rush will be all the more potent when he does as Abraham has the ability to line up on either the left or right side and play well. This move will also allow last year's first round pick and rookie sacks leader Bruce Irvin to do what he does best and continue in his role as a situational pass rusher. If the benefits to Irvin and Clemons aren’t enough, Abraham signing with the Seahawks would also guarantee Red Bryant would continue to play as an end, rather than shift back to defensive tackle.

For Abraham, who isn’t getting any younger at 35, this gives him one last shot at that elusive Super Bowl. The Seahawks have as good a chance as any team going into next season to compete for a Super Bowl, and Abraham will only make them better. His signing before the start of free agency could also convince others to bring their talents to Seattle, which will only help his cause. Maybe even at a discount.

Seeing as he’s yet to even arrive in Seattle, nothing has been made of the dollars and cents surrounding a possible deal, but I can’t imagine at 35 he’ll break the bank. Especially with his desire to win a Super Bowl. A crippling cap hit would certainly make things more difficult for him and his team. He’s not getting any less productive with age, just hungrier for a little bling, if you catches my drift. His best chance at that may come with the very same team he knocked out of the playoffs not so long ago. Funny how this might work out.

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