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Joel Embiid Makes Free Agent Pitch To LeBron, Gets No Response

Several teams are rumored to have a shot at signing LeBron James this offseason, but the Philadelphia 76ers are definitely not one of them. The Sixers were awful last year, and capped off their 26-game losing streak by finishing the season with a 19-63 record.

The team has some young talent in Michael Carter-Williams and Joel Embiid, but I don’t think even the biggest Sixers homer would argue that the team will do much winning in the next year or so.

But, as we’re finding out, Joel Embiid is a bold young man. He’s didn’t let his team’s dismal season keep him from making a pitch to LeBron on Twitter. Check out Embiid’s polite attempt to lure LeBron to Philly:

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Embiid didn’t get an answer from James, and he let LeBron know how that made him feel with another tweet yesterday:

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Don’t hold your breath, Joel.


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