Nets Derrick Favors has Remarkable Work Ethic


Derrick Favors has had a fair share of coverage in the media this year. First, he was praised early on by head coach Avery Johnson. Then came trade rumors with Carmelo Anthony that involved Favors as the Nets’ main trade piece. Following the rumors, the season began and Favors impressed everyone with his athleticism. Now, Favors’ teammates are talking about him, thankfully in a good way.

Joe Smith, the 15-year NBA veteran brought into New Jersey this year to help mentor Derrick Favors, has been very impressed with the young rookie this season. Smith went as far to say that Favors has one of the best work ethics he’s seen in a while. Those are very encouraging words for both Favors and the Nets organization.

“I’ve never seen, at 18 — besides Dwight Howard — an 18- or 19-year-old with the body that he has. And the work ethic that he’s brought to the table has been one of the best I’ve seen in a while,” Smith told Colin Stephenson of The Star-Ledger.

Side Note: Last night Favors matched up against DeMarcus Cousins for the second time in their young careers and Cousins once again got the better of Favors. However, Cousins also played 13 more minutes than Favors.


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