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Joe Silva Reflects on UFC Releasing DaMarques Johnson

UFC matchmaker Joe Silva understands the company's decision to cut DaMarques Johnson (16-12). The former The Ultimate Fighter contest was released following his loss at UFC 152. The fight also marked the second time Johnson came in overweight, this time eight pounds heavy.

Silva was unhappy about the situation as he could have found someone else to take the fight that could make the weight.

"I thought it was incredibly unfair to Gunnar Nelson to fight someone that much larger than him," said Silva to MMA Fighting. "Johnson told me he could make the weight. He's not doing me a favor if he missed weight because I could have gotten someone else who would have made the weight."

With that loss, Johnson fell to 6-4 inside the UFC. He was 1-5 during the last run in his career and was on a three fight losing streak.

"I never pressure anyone to take late notice fights," said Silva. "I got a bunch of guys who want to fight. If one says no, I will find someone else. No problem."

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