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Joe Rogan Talks Fat UFC Referees

During UFC 154, Joe Rogan looked over at his color commentator Mike Goldberg and said, "I got a question for you - how fat can you be and still be a referee?"

Rogan was referencing the size of the referee during the Tom Lawlor (8-5-1 NC) vs. Francis Carmont (20-7) fight. On his recent podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, the UFC commentator explained the comment.

"The way I said it was a joke, but the reality of it is that it should not be happening," said Rogan on his podcast. "I'm sorry if I hurt his feelings, but he should use that to motivate him to get in shape."

Rogan wanted to let people know that he doesn't regret the comment and outside of sports, like MMA, it wouldn't matter. He was concerned about the fighters and thinks there should be some kind of physical requirements so that everyone is safe.

"There's no reason for me to judge him in the outside world," said Rogan. "It wasn't nice. I would never do it in real life but I'm looking at someone who could be putting others in jeopardy. It's a matter of the safety of the athletes."

You can watch Rogan's response below:

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