Joe Rogan Respects the Impact Veterans Have on MMA

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While Joe Rogan is not certain whether it's youth or experience that has a heavier impact on the sport, he feels the veterans of MMA bring loads to the table.

"One of the benefits of being a veteran is they've spent so much time in the training room and competing, that they've got a chance to work on all the different techniques," said Rogan. "They've put in the hours and miles."

For Rogan, MMA is a unique sport in the sense that being young doesn't make someone a better fighter.

"I think the wilily veterans have a lot to offer inside the mix martial arts cage that you truly will not see from the young guys," said Rogan. "That, in my opinion, is almost more important in MMA than it is in any other sport. With mixed marital arts, it truly becomes a battle of knowledge and experience vs. father time."

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