Joe Paterno Emails Don't Paint a Complete Picture; Rush to Judgment is Premature

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Over the weekend it became more clear that the powers that be within Penn State's administration had collaborated in a futile attempt to coverup grotesque actions by former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. CNN revealed a portion of emails between Graham Spanier, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz that confirmed the ugly reality that many had suspected to be the case since as far back as last November.

Of course, the revelations that have become so popular through Friday night's report is not just that the president and athletic director of a big name school decided to not contact authorities about suspected sexual abuse of a minor. Instead the national response focused on the alleged actions influenced by former head coach Joe Paterno. Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports says it is now "perfectly reasonable to postulate that Joe Paterno protected Jerry Sandusky." columnist Gregg Doyel says the Paterno legacy should face reckoning.

Did Paterno make the call to not contact authorities? What exactly was Paterno's reaction when approached about Curley's plan to handle Sandusky? While many will be quick to assume that Paterno was in fact a major player in the Penn State cover-up, it would be more responsible to await the details of the Freeh investigation, which should confirm whether or not Paterno's role in all of this was as delusional as others.

I have said it before and I will say it again right here. Given the information we have seen reported and revealed, there is no concrete evidence suggesting Paterno inspired a cover up for Sandusky. While the CNN email report does shed a negative light, there is no information confirming Paterno's vile role in all of this. Until there is, it would be irresponsible to bury a man who is already buried.

Having said that, in the event the Freeh investigation reveals that Paterno did in fact act within a plan to cover-up the Sandusky mess, then I will be one of the first to grab a pitch fork and pronounce the man rot in Hell.

If you are comfortable with piling on Paterno based off of "..." and "..." as well as the crumbling testimony of a man seemingly caught in his own web of lies, so be it. While Paterno may have been a flawed man (as David Jones suggested Sunday), I am not prepared to tear down his statue and remove his name from the library.

Not yet, at least.

Success With Honor

It seems like it happened just last fall. Here is a look back at the 2011 Ohio State-Penn State game.

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Laura Nichols os says Penn State and the Big Ten are among the leaders in concussion research.

"In May, Penn State announced its own research center focused dedicated to head trauma, the Center for Sport Concussion Research and Service, and a two-day conference, "Concussion in Athletics, From Brain to Behavior," scheduled for Oct. 11-12 at University Park.

"The new center is funded by the National Institute of Health, and has the goals of diagnosing concussions, tracking recovery and providing aid to local athletes at every level."

An early look at Penn State's September and October schedules.

In scores of other games...

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