Is Joe Namath Really Qualified to Talk About Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, Jets?

On Tuesday Joe Namath told ESPNNewYork.com that he didn’t think Tim Tebow could be the primary every down quarterback for the New York Jets if Mark Sanchez went down.

While Namath may very well be correct, I’m getting sick of hearing from the guy. This actually pains me to say because I’m a huge Jets fan and grew up watching Namath play and rooted for him. Frankly though, the whole guaranteeing and then winning Super Bowl III thing is getting old. Namath has been getting credit for a prediction he made 35-years ago that frankly, he didn’t have all that much to do with. To me Namath opining on almost anything football related anymore, particularly if it’s about the Jets, while maybe headline making, means bupkis.

Namath finished his career with more interceptions than touchdowns; he lost more games than he won; and had five seasons with 20 plus INT’s. To be honest, other than getting credit for recognizing that he should hand the ball off rather than throw it, he really wasn’t even a factor in Super Bowl III. In fact, the guy didn’t even throw a pass in the 4th quarter of the game! Let’s face it, Joe Namath is in the NFL Hall of Fame primarily because his defense had four interceptions, his running back had 120 yards and a TD in Super Bowl III.

Random Musings

Trent Dilfer was 58-55 for his career, he tossed 1.14 interceptions for every touchdown he threw and won a Super Bowl. Joe Namath was 62-63-4 for his career, he tossed 1.27 interceptions for every touchdowns he threw and won a Super Bowl. If anyone suggested that Dilfer should be in the NFL Hall of Fame you would laugh. I laugh every time Namath speaks.

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