Joe Lauzon Offers a Really Smart Take on UFC 151 Cancellation, Jon Jones

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UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon made several interesting points Thursday that helped clear up why so many fellow fighters are upset with Jon Jones and his decision to not compete at UFC 151. Jones declined a fight with Chael Sonnen, forcing the UFC to scrap the event entirely.

Lauzon, who is set to face Gray Maynard in December, is coming off a victory over Jamie Varner. "J-Lau" took to the MMA forum The Underground to express his views on the day.

Not only has this screwed over all the fans that bought tickets, non refundable airfare, took off work, made arrangements, etc... but think of all the fighters. Fighters that put in full camps, flew people in that helped them trains, etc. By the time I am actually fight, I spend close to 20k between corners, flights, expenses, coaches, etc... and then to have the whole show cancelled because ONE guy didn't want to fight. This ONE guy that had trained an entire camp, who was the CHAMP and at the top of his weight class, who was going to fight someone who didn't do the camp, and was fighting UP a weight class.

I have always been a big Jon Jones supporter... but I would be FURIOUS if this happenned to me and I was on the card. To call is scorched earth wouldn't do it justice.

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