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Joakim Noah Won't Play for French Team in 2012 Olympics

According to sources Bulls center, Joakim Noah, will not play for the French Olympic team in this year's games.

Noah said, "“I’m absolutely not ready, not ready to run, not ready to jump. And even less to play. I need more time and work. I’m not in form for someone who wants to compete in the Olympics. And given the problems that I have with my ankles, not going to the Games seemed to be the most reasonable decision.”

Joakim is obviously opting out due to the nagging ankle injury he suffered in the playoffs back in May.

This means that two of the main guys on the Bulls roster, Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah, won't be playing for their countries in the Olympics. Meanwhile, Luol Deng is reportedly really looking forward to being apart of the host team, Great Britain.

We'll cover the happenings for Olympic basketball regarding Team GB and Luol.

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