Jimmy Clausen Decides to Sign with David Dunn Of Athletes First


Gary Wichard, the recently deceased founder of Pro Tect Management, had an absolutely freakish 2010 NFL Draft.  He and is company represented Arrelious Benn, Everson Griffen, Taylor Mays, C.J. Spiller, and Jimmy Clausen.  That was the type of draft class that would make anybody, CAA Football included, salivate.  

Out of the entire group, Wichard was probably the closest with quarterback Jimmy Clausen.  Upon Wichard’s passing, Clausen Tweeted, “I am lost for words right now.”  It surely was hard for all of his clients to bare, Clausen included.

Since Wichard’s passing, many of his former clients have found new homes with different agencies.  Calais Campbell signed with Ben Dogra and Tom Condon of CAA.  As did Antonio Cromartie.  Jamaal Anderson switched to Lagardere Unlimited.  Now Jimmy Clausen has finally changed agencies, and has selected David Dunn of Athletes First.  Other quarterbacks represented by Athletes First include Kyle Orton, Mark Sanchez, Matt Schaub, Aaron Rodgers, Chad Henne, Carson Palmer, Matt Cassel, and Matt Hasselbeck – quite a list.

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