As we creep closer and closer to the BCS National Championship game, you will notice supporters of Notre Dame and Alabama go from being mildly irritating to being completely unbearable.

Former Fighting Irish quarterback and current Carolina Panthers clipboard holder, Jimmy Clausen, decided to get a jump on the competition by tweeting out a photo of “gift” given to him that commemorates the looming Jan. 7 showdown.

What did he tweet out, you ask? Only the most Jimmy Clausen-esque image imaginable.

Check it out (via USA Today):

Image placeholder title

When people pointed out that maybe, you know, the shirt was mildly offensive – Clausen’s reply was less than understanding.

"The shirt was sent to me! I was saying THANK YOU #calmdownpeople," he tweeted.

Exactly, #calmdownpeople.

The original tweet containing the shirt has since been deleted.

(Kudos USA Today)

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