Jim Miller Gives His Take on the New York City Marathon Getting Cancelled


New York City officials decided on Friday to cancel Sunday's planned NYC Marathon. And, the news was greeted nicely by Jim Miller.

Miller, a UFC lightweight, was very outspoken in the past few days about the previous decision to run the race. New York, along with much of the East Coast, was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy on Monday, and several areas still remain without power.

"Yes, the city is not in recovery yet," Miller answered when asked by FightLine if he was happy with the decision to cancel the race, "its still in triage."

Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of NYC, made the decision. Around 47,500 runners were scheduled to compete in the 26.2-mile event, including 30,000 from outside the New York area. It typically draws over a million spectators.

Earlier this week, Miller posted, "Still having the NY Marathon this weekend? Really? All the man power and supplies for the 'race' could do a lot 4 some victims. (Expletive) up."

Miller is a native of New Jersey and still trains and lives there. He is 21-4 in his MMA career, including a 10-3 UFC record.

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