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Is Jets' Rex Ryan Really the Most Overrated Coach in the NFL?

On Tuesday New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan was voted the most overrated coach in a Sports Illustrated players’ mid-season poll. The most overrated player in the players’ mid-season poll? That would be Jets QB, RB, WR, PP (that’s punt protector), stand on the sidelines and listen to the head set guy… Tim Tebow.

To be fair, I don’t think that Tebow should be on the list; at least not this season. How can he be overrated if he’s just a backup, situational, special teams player? When he was a starter in Denver the second half of last year and was on the field all the time, at least you could juxtapose the hype vs. his production. This year however, sands a missed blocking assignment that resulted in a blocked kick, for the most part in limited action Tebow has produced in the limited role he’s been given. He’s run and thrown for first downs on the punt team, rushed for 3.4 yards per carry, and completed two of his three pass attempts (the one incompletion a drop by the receiver…)

Rex Ryan on the other hand clearly deserves the vote. Without going into detail or discussing the performance of any individual player, I’ll simply note that in his 4th year coaching the team with the opportunity to craft and mold this team as he wished he’s team had gotten worse not better. The Jets are currently 27th out of 30 teams in offensive production and Ryan’s “vaunted defense” is 23rd in points allowed giving up an average of 25 points per game.

Let’s face it, if there was a vote for most overrated General Manager, Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum should be on the list too because the Jets clearly “don’t have the horses.” Injuries are no excuse as a GM’s job is to give it depth and every NFL team has to deal with injuries. But Tannenbaum isn’t responsible for game planning, play calling or use of personnel and clearly Ryan has to take that hit.

Take the Patriots game for instance. Here was a game where they were not blown out and had a chance to win the game by punching it in the endzone with just moments remaining and Ryan chose to play conservative, run the ball on first and second down and kick the field goal, allowing Tom Brady time on the clock to do his thing. Then to compound the problem, Ryan played a prevent defense (preventing the Jets from winning) and allowed Brady to come down the field on three swift plays to put the Pats in field goal range. Ryan’s defense had held the Patriots to two TD’s prior to that and had played very effectively. Why he went away from something that was working is mind boggling and cost the Jets the game.

No matter how you look at it, having the players in the league think that the most overrated coach and player are on the same team can’t be a good thing. Respect needs to be earned between the lines, not behind a microphone. It’s not too late for NY to turn things around, but they aren’t going to be able gain respect or W’s in the win column staying the course.

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