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Jets’ Relationship with Darrelle Revis Going from Bad to Worse

The embarrassment that the New York Jets organization brings upon itself just doesn’t stop. If all the talking that head coach Rex Ryan does on a yearly basis only to disappoint on the field, the trade for Tim Tebow, and the subsequent refusal to play Tebow despite subpar quarterback play weren’t enough, the Jets reportedly dodged star cornerback Darrelle Revis and his agents during the NFL combine, as Ryan, owner Woody Johnson, and new general manager John Idzik refused to speak with Revis and his agents, who just wanted to talk. The Jets side-stepping a star like Revis and one of their best players over the last few years is yet another childish and ill-advised move, but sadly something the Jets have become known for over the last few years, as their organization has looked less like a football team and more like a three-ring circus.

Revis simply wanted to talk to the Jets and touch base with the decision makers in the organization; and why shouldn’t he? After rumors spilled out of the organization that the Jets were exploring the possibility of trading Revis, who could blame him for wanting to check in with the organization’s front office to hear what they have to say about the situation? Revis’ concerns are understandable and the same as any other player in the league would have.

With five days at the combine, the Jets brass found time to speak with the representatives of half a dozen other players, but not Revis. If there was time to speak with the likes of Santonio Holmes, Dustin Keller, and LaRon Landry then there surely should have been time to meet with Revis. But since there apparently wasn’t, there is plenty of justification for Revis to feel snubbed when he couldn’t get a meeting with his own team.

Of course, Revis is no angel either. He has held out twice, which shows a lot of immaturity, as well as disrespect towards the organization, but that doesn’t justify the Jets ducking him at the combine. The Jets need to show some professionalism and some class and be willing to speak with their own players, especially one their high-profile and highest paid players, who happens to be entering an unusual time in his career, as he tries to recover from a serious knee injury while dealing with rumors that his team doesn’t want to pay out the rest of his contract and that he may be traded. The Jets are the ones that hold all the cards in this situation, and so if Revis wants to talk, they should be willing to talk to him; it’s not an unreasonable request.

In the end, it’s the Jets that once again look bad. They look like an organization with questionable leadership and immature people running the show. A decision on Revis’ fate with the team probably won’t be made anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be given a brief conversation with his employers if he wants one. This wouldn’t be an issue if the team had just given Revis’ agents a five-minute meeting, but they didn’t; and so it became yet another embarrassing moment for the Jets, which is something we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from them, and there’s nothing to indicate this childish moments from the Jets will stop anytime soon.


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