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Jets Linebacker Bart Scott is the Worst

Why is it that in life some people just can’t stand prosperity? The New York Jets, desperately trying to get their season back on course, had a nice 27-13 win against the Rams on Sunday, a win they could look to build off. That wasn’t good enough, however, for Jets ILB Bart Scott.

The Jets had just gone 35 days between wins amid a soap opera locker room-like atmosphere. The latest locker room debacle, of course, being the anonymous “Tim Tebow is Terrible” quote last week which prompted a damage control radio appearance by GM Mike Tannenbaum on WFAN’s Mike Francesa show in NY (which didn’t work by the way), and damage control press conferences by both head coach Rex Ryan and team owner Woody Johnson. Now we find out that after Sunday’s win, Scott, who threatened a Jets beat writer in September, tried to lead a media mutiny in the Jets locker room following the game by trying to get his fellow defensive players to say nothing to the press but “both teams played hard.”

When Scott heard fellow linebacker Bryan Thomas talking to the media, essentially breaking the boycott he imposed, he called Thomas a “MF-ing sellout” which prompted veteran Yeremiah Bell to tell Scott to stop his antics. Thankfully there are two veterans on the team not intimidated by Scott that were able to use good judgment, think for themselves and feel compelled not follow Bart Scott’s foolish lead.

Scott, who has just 21 solo tackles on the season (there are two linebackers in the league with at least 100) and just one in the Rams game on Sunday, picked up a fumble during the game in wide open space with nothing but the endzone in front of him, was run down by Matthew Mulligan of all people. The lineman-like tight end was able to close on the lumbering Scott, catching him from behind like a cheetah chasing its prey, limiting Scott’s return yards to just 34. I won’t point out (ok maybe I will) that Scott’s inability to reach the endzone ultimately led to no points off the gift turnover as the Jets had a field goal attempt blocked concluding the offensive possession following the turnover.

Everyone knows that Bart Scott, who couldn’t cover you or I in space by the way, has to be taken off the field in passing situations. To compound the problem, with just 21 solo tackles on the season, the enigmatic and habitually miserable ILB obviously isn’t cutting it stopping the run. Given the fact that he’s been so ineffective on the field and such a pain in the ass off the field, what the hell is he still doing on the Jets roster?

It’s time for the Jets to cut bait with Bart Scott. Release the hound I say and get rid of this cancer.

As poorly as NY has played at times this season and personnel challenged as this team is, with an upset win over New England on Thanksgiving night, the Jets would have an opportunity to play their last five games against all teams with losing records and still make the playoffs. In fact, even if they lose to the Patriots they still might be able to get in at 9-7. Sure I know that means they would have to run the table and that sounds pretty far-fetched, but is there a team on the Jets schedule in December that they couldn’t beat?

No one is suggesting that the Jets are a playoff caliber team, but they may not even have to be to reach the tournament. Closing out the season against the Cardinals, Jaguars, Titans, Chargers and Bills, depending on how bad things get in some of these other cities, the Jets might be able to win games by merely not forfeiting and just showing up. As crazy as it may sound, with Arizona and San Diego at home and Jacksonville, Tennessee and Buffalo on the road, you could make an argument that the Jets might be favored in all five December games.

At this stage in his career Bart Scott brings almost nothing to the table on the field and has become a nuisance off the field. If there’s anyone who can make an argument for having Scott on the Jets roster I’d like to hear it. If not, let the guy go be miserable somewhere else. If there is a team desperate enough to pick him up, hopefully for the Jets it will be someone the Jets have left on their schedule…

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