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NFL: Jets to Let Cromartie Walk?

Remember 2007? Remember when San Diego Chargers CB Antonio Cromartie was a one-man wrecking crew in the defensive backfield? Kind of a long time ago.

Last year, Cromartie played for the New York Jets and was actually pretty good. Especially when you consider teams like to avoid Darrelle Revis and pound it on the other guy.

However, now Cromartie is hitting free agency in 2011. And there has been much talk about what the Jets plan to do with the over-sized corner. They also have guys like David Harris, Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards to get back in the fold.

And according to Mike Lombardi of NFL Network, Cromartie won’t be one of the guys that the Jets are able to bring back. GM Mike Tannenbaum already said that he didn’t care for Cromartie’s comments about Tom Brady, the NFLPA, the NFL and the labor situation in general (we actually agree with Cro).

It’s not a huge deal for Cromartie, he’ll find a home. The Oakland Raiders will be in the market for a cornerback after they watch the door hit Nnamdi Asomugha’s ass (ironically, Asomugha could be a fit in New York. Could you imagine him and Revis?). The Philadelphia Eagles will be in the market for a corner after they saw some absolute hamster vomit opposite Asante Samuel this year. Plus, dealing with Hakeem Nicks, Miles Austin and Dez Bryant twice a year means they could use a big corner.

Cromartie’s biggest problem in getting signed to any one of the 32 NFL teams will be the CBA or lack thereof.


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