NFL: Jets Fan Killed Sledding into Traffic


Any time someone dies, it’s a bad thing. Well….in general. If I could slice the throat of Osama bin Laden, I think that would be okay with most people. But, you know what I mean.

I just struggle to see the death of 46-year old New York Jets fan Raymond Larsen as a real tragedy. A tragedy is when a child gets brain cancer. Or if someone is driving home from work and they get destroyed by a drunk driver who ran a red light. You weren’t doing anything wrong and something shitty happened.

I just can’t get too worked up that this Staten Island guy got all excited after the Jets win over the New England Patriots, and decided to sled down his steep driveway in a Mark Sanchez jersey. The ride sent him into the street and oncoming traffic. Not surprisingly, he was run over by a 61-year old woman and killed. I don’t know whether he was drunk or not, but I know when I get drunk I don’t get the desire to sled down into moving traffic.

I feel badly for his family and those that will miss him. But…seriously? At what point did you think this was a good idea? It’s like when Siegfried or Roy or whichever one it was, got mauled by a tiger. Yeah? Really? You were playing with tigers! You aren’t supposed to play with tigers for a reason!

Just like you aren’t supposed to – at the grown age of 46 – slide down a steep incline into moving traffic. Maybe I’m being callous, but that’s flat-out stupid.


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