MLB: Jeter Demanding $23-$24 Million Per Year from Yankees


If this report from the New York Times is to be believed, this is absolutely, utterly ridiculous. A baseball person who has been briefed on the situation, tells the Times that Derek Jeter and his agent Casey Close are seeking a contract in the neighborhood of four or five years at around $23-$24 million per year from the New York Yankees.

Look at Jeter’s stats from 2010 (.270 BA with 10 HR’s, although he’s never been a HR guy). Now read the first paragraph again. Now, look at his stats again. Now, chuckle.

Are you out of your mind?

The Yankees reportedly are offering a three-year, $45 million deal. That is way more than they should be offering. We understand that Jeter is a Yankees icon on par with some of the best ever, but $23 million per year?!

I have roughly the same odds of having a four-girl orgy at the grotto at Hef’s mansion as he does of seeing that kind of money. So, maybe if he does get the contract he wants, I should hold out hope for the little rendez vous with the playmates.

But, I digress. Jeter will be 37-years old in June and is no longer the player he used to be. Smart franchises don’t pay for past performance. It seems like the Yankees are even willing to do that within reason.

$23 million per is not within reason. That’s likely Cliff Lee numbers.


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