Jessica Dorrell Used Money from Bobby Petrino on Wedding


You really can’t make this stuff up.

Jessica Dorrell, the woman now best known for having an affair with former Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino, apparently used some of the money given to her by Petrino on her looming wedding.

In documents released last Thursday, Arkansas athletic director (AD) Jeff Long divulged the details of his interviews with both Dorrell and Petrino regarding their affair. Among the most interesting points from those interviews:

- Petrino gave Dorrell “5-6 gifts” (read: money) during their fun times together. She reportedly spent that money on a new car, her wedding and a vacation.

- The pair insists that their inappropriate relationship began over lunch in a car when Dorrell posed this question to Petrino: ''Are you going to kiss me?''

- Hot Tamales were involved. Yes, the candy.

- Dorrell insisted that the relationship stopped being physical in February of this year.

- The pair was found to have exchanged 326 phone calls and 7,228 text messages dating back to April 2011.

Last week, Dorrell resigned from her post at the university – ultimately receiving a $14,000 payment for her troubles. Petrino, on the flip side, got fired on April 10, about a week after the affair initially came to light.

(Kudos to Larry Brown Sports for the find)

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