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Latest Free Agency News from Around the NBA

Thursday, July 15

Boston re-signed forward Paul Pierce to a four-year contract.

Paul was supposed to be getting 21.5 Million for next year but opted out and got 4 years at $61 million. This does two things. One it gave a declining Pierce a fairly long contract to the end of his career, and two, the Celtics got a spare $6 millionmto get some help for an aging staff.

Denver signed guard Anthony Carter and forward Shelden Williams.

Carter resigned for $1.3 million, no big deal for a no-big-deal player. But, I do question keeping Carter on the roster with Lawson deserving more minutes and Billips still going strong.

Shelden Williams was a regular member of the rotation of the Celtics, but had his minutes reduced during the season. He will be making $915K  this year, and has a chance to get into the regular rotation.

Both these players rebound and defend well, and could be considered high effort guys. Both seem to be 10-15 minute a game guys at best, and Karl might enjoy not having to scream at them on the floor while Lawson and Melo take Gatorade shots.

Miami signed forward Mike Miller to a five-year contract.

Mike Miller is one of those players where the more minutes he gets, the less effective he is. Miller got a five-year, $30 million deal. I hope for Miami’s sake he settles down and gets his regular rotational minutes. Miller has not done well in the past when he is just thrown on the floor and expected to make points in bunches. Miller is best used in lenthy stretches when he can get into a flow.

Utah agreed to terms with guard Raja Bell on a three-year contract.

I like Raja Bell, and a 3 year-$10 million dollar deal seems like a bargain for someone of Bell’s talents. I think if Bell has not lost any of his speed, Deron Williams is going to love him for the time he is on the floor.

Friday, July 16

Boston agreed to terms with guard Nate Robinson.

Nate returns to Boston with a 2 year $9 million deal. I can kind of see him wanting to stay on a winning team, but, I have to think that there are teams that can better use his instant offense in a better rotation.

Miami signed center Joel Anthony and center Dexter Pittman.

Warm bodies, nothing more. Joel has been around for 3 years and got a 5 year-$18 million deal. (Notice another 5 year Miami deal) Dexter got a 3-year deal.

Orlando matched Chicago’s three-year offer sheet to guard J.J. Redick.

Someone explain to me why a guy that is a streak shooter, at best, and has never gotten over 10 points per game or even TWO rebounds a game- heck TWO ASSISTS a game, is worth $19 million over 3 years. I just cannot explain why TWO teams think he is worth this much cap space.

Saturday, July 17

•  Houston Rockets signed Brad Miller

Brad Miller gets 3 years, $15 million. Nice deal to back up Yao- and with Miller, Yao and Battie, the Rockets can go big on the front line with good passing to the backcourt. I like Miller, but if he’s on the floor and there is two minutes left in the game: the Rockets are in trouble. Miller has never been a great rebounder or on-ball defender.

•  Miami Heat signed Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Pat Riley is a guru. He now has 3 centers at 6-11 or better, plenty of fouls and all three can run with Dwight Howard. Now, Bosh won’t get beaten up by the Magic. Big Z got 2 years and $2.8 million, with a player option. I guess he really likes playing with LeBron.

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