Jerry Seinfeld is Mad that He Missed the New York Mets' 1st No-Hitter

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It's a well-known fact that comedian/actor Jerry Seinfeld is a big New York Mets fan.

On a plane ride back from South Bend, Indiana to his home in New York, Seinfeld missed out on Mets history when Johan Santana completed the team's very first no-hitter on Friday night.

Seinfeld was told the news by his driver when he was going home.

"And I just dropped my bags right there at the curb and went, 'No!" Seinfeld said told Fox Detroit.

Seinfeld marveled at the historic evening, which was the first no-hitter in the Mets' 50-year history.

"This is the Yankee curse," Seinfeld said. "When you're a Yankee fan, you can't have a thrill like this. It takes 50 years to make a thrill like this.

"That's what we call 'Mets Magic.' They have this thing where they can thrill you in the most unexpected ways, and I really do think there's something special about this organization. It's why I love 'em." 

While Seinfeld missed out, comedian Jon Stewart of The Daily Show was able to catch the event.

"I have suffered much for these Mets over my life, which is why these moments of joy that occur sporadically are even more appreciated," Stewart said on his show Monday night.

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