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Jeremy Lin Thought Scott Machado, Not Jeremy Lamb, Got Shipped Out in the James Harden Trade

In case you have forgotten why Jeremy Lin became such a beloved figure in the span of about 30 games last year, here is a story that will remind you.

Apparently, when Lin heard that Kevin Martin and a rookie had gotten traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder for James Harden, he decided that it would only be right to call the dispatched rookie. You know, to say goodbye and wish him well and whatnot. So that’s what he did. Problem was, he called the wrong rookie. Instead of hitting up Jeremy Lamb, he phoned Scott Machado. As you would expect, the conversation caught Machado a bit off guard.

 “I was like, ‘Hey, it’s Scott, it’s not Jeremy,’ ” Machado told the Houston Chronicle (via LBS). “’Did you hear something about me?’ I was all nervous. He was like, “Oh, I apologize, I apologize.’ It all worked out.”

That it did. Machado, an undrafted rookie out of Iona, had become something of a fan favorite over the past year. That (along with the fact that it’s just a genuinely good move) made the Rockets’ decision to keep him around all the sweeter.

 “I was here (Monday) and nobody told me anything. I came out to practice and it felt good. I feel like it’s a true blessing. It’s something I always wanted. I’ve been working hard to get where I wanted to go. I feels real good.”

(Kudos Houston Chronicle, Larry Brown Sports)

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