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Jeremy Lin is Still Sad About Having to Leave the New York Knicks

The divorce between Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks wasn’t as messy as the ones between LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers or Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic, but it was still pretty bad.

You will recall, there was a whole big brouhaha this summer when, after New York made it clear that they wanted to re-sign him, Lin went out and milked the Houston Rockets for a back loaded $25 million deal that would have pushed the Knicks into luxury tax hell. They let him walk and have quietly been badmouthing him ever since – mostly just for having the audacity to squeeze Houston for as much money as he could.

Speaking to GQ in an issue that will be out this week, Lin shined some light on what staying with the Knicks would have meant to him.

“You can’t ask for a city or a fan base to embrace somebody more than they embraced me,” Lin said (via the New York Post). “I know it’s kind of silly to talk about it with only two years under my belt in the league, but going in before free agency, I was like, ‘I want to play in front of these fans for the rest of my career.’ I really did.

“I really wanted to play in front of the Madison Square Garden fans for the rest of my career, because they’re just unbelievable.”

And on the topic of him getting that ridiculous deal from Houston: “The Rockets thought I was going to be a Knick,” Lin said. “They told me when I signed. We think it’s an 80 to 95 percent chance of that happening."

Regardless of what he says what now, the fact remains: Lin is a Rocket. And while Rockets fans don’t care much about their new guard’s undying love for New York, they do have a very vested interest in his health.

“I’m healthy but in terms of me having all of my speed, everything I had before, that’s still slowly coming back,’’ Lin said last week. “But I’m close. ... Hopefully by the time the season comes I will be more explosive, faster, quicker than I was last year.”

Will Lin's performance justify the deal Houston gave him? We’ll find out soon enough.

(Kudos New York Post)

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